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1. After taking the Phlebotomy/CPR class will I be certified or be eligible to sit for the phlebotomy certification exam?

* The Phlebotomy workshop meets the requirements set forth by: National  Healthcareer Association (NHA). This allows the students to become eligible to sit for this exam. NHA certifies students and establishes the training requirements that allow students to sit for the national exam which is recognized by employers.  It does however include live draws (30). We will prepare you for the state exam, if that is what you choose to do. You are not required to be certified in the state of Texas, but if you want to sit for the phlebotomy certification exam, we will give you the information to do so.


2. Will I be able to get a job after completing the Phlebotomy training workshop?

We cannot and do not guarantee employment. Prospective Learners can perform a phlebotomy job search for their location and find out what qualifications are for the phlebotomy positions at different companies.

3. Target Audience:

Medical Schools

Clinics, hospitals, Colleges and University students


Research coordinator/assistant

Phlebotomist Review

Radiology Tech

Laboratory Personnel


Medical Assistant

Front/Back Office Staff in a doctor’s office or clinic


4.Financial assistance

We will not offer financial assistance. However, payment plans will be offered. Pleas email with questions on options.

5. What will I need to bring to class.

Paper, binder, highlighter and pen for taking notes, Photo ID,

6. What do I wear for class

Wear scrubs (preferred) or comfortable clothing. You will be given a lab coat for when you perform blood draws.

7. Is Registration is mandatory.

In order to host the training in your area and to ensure that you have a seat saved for class , a registration deposit is needed.  Walk- ins are not allowed.

8. What if registered and need to cancel or cancellation of class?


1. Cancel by prospective learner:

You may need to cancel your registration in writing by email. Cancellation must be requested 1 day before the start of the training. Cancellations requested according to policy.

ELITE ART OF PHLEBOTOMY TRAINING reserves the right to cancel a class for reasons beyond our control. A class maybe cancelled for reasons beyond our control such as weather, other unforeseen incidents, travel concerns, etc. You have the right to receive a full refund or attend the next scheduled class. If you registered and do not hear from us within a week before class, please contact us.

9. Do I need to purchase books for the class?

No. The Program has include all reading material and quizzes, training supplies which are done online.

10. What if I fail the class?

Online training you are required to pass the series of quizzes at 80% For the Phlebotomy Online and Phlebotomy/CPR ) must also be completed online with 80% and along with required live draws(30) must be done for certificate upon completion.

11. What will I receive to show that I have taken and completed the class?

Once you have passed the class you will receive a certificate of completion from the training. Which will then qualify you to also sit for the national exam and become certified, this is optional for you, if you want to become certified. you will be eligible to take national certification exam after the course is complete. There is an extra fee for the exams as they are not included in the tuition It will be a fee of $117, not included in price, which goes directly to NHA.

12. Where is the Phlebotomy/CPR Training held?

The Phlebotomy/CPR training are part of the Phlebotomy course. Discount price for the course if CPR is not needed.

13. Can I get a duplicate certificate?

Your certificate will be given to you at the end of class. For the ( FOUR WEEK) training you will receive your Certificate of Completion once all requirements are met and full tuition is paid.

14. How can I make payments?

Payments can be made online at this website on the "Home or Event/Register" page. Using credit/debit cards, company payments,  PAYPAL or Cash App is also available.

15. Do you provide company/group training?

We do provide training for the company email for details.

16. Will my certificate of completion expire? No. Each student who successfully completes the program will receive their certificate of completion in hand, that has an unique certification number for each student. Your certificate does not expire. However, some students who have gained employment with facilities that require them to re-certify every so often. Also if the student go on and takes the state NHA exam, that certification does expire in 2 years and you will be required to retake the state exam to keep your Phlebotomy certification. 

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